Why dance? Why hip hop?

– ‘What do you do for a living?’
– ‘I am a hip hop dancer’
– ‘Oh really? For how long? And why dance?’

I’ve heard that question thousand of times. Am I tired of this? No way! Dance is so wonderful and so inspiring, that I can talk about it and talk.

From childhood, me and my parents were looking for the hobby for me. Swimming? Basketball? Volleyball? Drawing? Rhythmic gymnastics? Nope, it wasn’t THAT THING.

And finally, DANCE! This is it! Thank God ,that about 10 years ago dance has become very popular in Poland and that I have been enchanted by dance.


Why dance? Why hip hop? My answer is simple. I love music, I love rap, I love sport, and hip hop dance has all of it.

What more, I can express myself while dancing, which is not that easy in a ‘real life’. I can feel free and happy and finally I can forget about all my problems and daily things. Basically, while dancing, nothing else exists in the world.

That’s pretty weird and interesting, but when my body is moving to the beat which I adore,  I don’t feel exhausted. I feel amazing! I feel completely fulfilled! With the music and the dance, I can fly away from the reality.

I can definitely say, after 8 years I feel that dance and hip hop is part of me, and I am part of dance and hip hop.

Dance is around me…


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  1. yohan · November 20, 2016

    super 🙂

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