Inhale confidence, exhale doubt

CONFIDENCE – that’s something what describes every dancer with a big experience.

When you look at a dancer, you see the whole difference. They dress different, they walk different and finally their confidence is different…it’s just better, bigger, stronger.

I can see it very well on dance competitions, battles, parties and other dance events. That look, posture, head raised high and smooth dancing instead of walking. Yes, it’s a dancer. Yes, he/she is very confident. Event tho, hip hop dancers usually wear too large clothes that hide their figure, they are still confident it that outfit. I would say, they are more confident than a person in the most beautiful and the most expensive clothes. I don’t know how it happens, but when a dancer hears the music, he/she becomes someone else, someone better. While dancing, you can feel that power, and all eyes are on you. People are just jealous of the way how you move and how you’re confident it this. This is an amazing feeling, which adds even more wings.

What I have observed in the last time is quite funny but interesting. Basically, in the world of dancers, you can see that some of them are a little bit bigger than others. But that’s not a problem for them at all. A normal person with overweight usually is without any confidence and feels uncomfortable in own skin,  it’s very easy to see. When you look at a dancer with overweight dancing on the dancefloor, it just unbelievable. They don’t have a perfect body, but they don’t care, they are proud of it. All what you can see, is confidence and lightness in dance. I’m pretty sure that not just one well-built person would like to be as much confident as this dancer is.

When I have noticed that the dancers are confident? I saw it from the first time when I’ve started my dance journey. I remember it like it was yesterday. My first dance class. Me – shy teenager vs super confident trainer. Self-confidence and confidence of success, I could see from the distance. He had just written on his face “Yes, I am a dancer, I am very good at what I do and I am proud of it”. I just wanted to be like him and have that high self-esteem. After 8 years I’m still working on it. On a daily basis, I consider myself as a shy woman. BUT…when I hear the music and I feel the dancefloor under my feet, I am a different person. I become very confident and on my face I have written: “Yes, I am a dancer, I am very good at what I do and I am proud of it”.

This is it! I love that feeling…and jealousy! 🙂


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