Music is the answer

Music is the answer
To your problems
Keep on moving
Then you can solve them


For every dancer, music is something more than just a sound. Thanks to the music, dancers are able to release the great fantasy, experience and show much more emotions in their dance. Music just fills the dance and the dancer’s soul. Music and dance together create art, which touches, cause anger, cheers and above all, shows various emotions.  Together, they create a perfect couple, they are inextricably linked and they form a unity.

Most of all, the music is a response to reality. Not only for dancers, but for everyone who loves music (who doesn’t?!).

Depending on the type of music, it causes various feelings. Tears, sadness, peace, or joy, energy and willingness to act. Music has extraordinary strength, able to motivate, improve mood and be the best companion.

I can confidently say that Musica animae levamen” – music is medicine for the soul.

The music reminds us of the memories, the good one, and the bad one. If you look at the past, the music accompanies you always. We listen to music, when we are sad, we are sick, when we are happy or when we just want to chill for a while. Isn’t it true? To study, to read a book, in the dance club, at school, at work, it’s everywhere with us. The music surrounds us and is part of our lives. It helps us escape from the problems and the reality we live in and just be with your thoughts somewhere far away.

Maybe the music won’t solve our problems, but somehow it calms us and makes us feel better, that we want to listen more and more and lose ourself in this moment….

Thank God, we have music…Without it, life would be uglier…



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