Does talent actually exist?

Hard work beats talent when talent doesn’t work hard

Very often I ask myself the question, if there is something like a talent? But what exactly means talent? The definition says that it is a natural predisposition to perform the activities. Here appears another question. Does natural predisposition exist? On the one hand, people say that talent is only a small percentage, the rest is hard work. But on the other hand, there are situations that a little bend the truth in my eyes.

In my dance career, I have met a lot of people, beginners and professionals. I divided them into three categories. The first one, are those, who just danced, without any preparation, but with rhythm and body control. Basically, they don’t need any dance classes, they have never joined them, they are just very good…somehow. It happens, that they don’t even know, that they can dance and feel the beat. The second category are people, who are able to catch the movements very quickly and perform effortlessly. Those needs just a minute to learn new steps and don’t have to bother to be a good dancer. It’s a piece of cake to win a competition (honestly, I envy them that!). Next to these two categories – “talented”?, born to dance people, there is another, totally opposite. Those dancers seem to never grasp the movements and techniques. The easiest step, the easiest beat, but they are just not able to repeat it. They need to spend a lot of hours on the trainings to achieve something big.

After dividing dancers into three completely different groups, I strongly wonder if the talent is hard work, or it is just discovering own vocation. I know one thing, talent cannot be taught, skills can be taught, learned and improved, even if someone is born with talent or not. And I know, that having a talent or predispositions will not help to succeed. A dancer has to know how to use, what he/she got from God. Without hard work, practice, classes and motivation, a talent would not be enough and never taken advantage of. No one became successful relying only on natural born talent.

A dancer and not dancer, remember, if you work hard and you have the motivation, you will go far!

Keep doing what you do and never give up! 


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