Work hard or go home

Nothing great was ever achieved without hard work.

Dance is definitely one of the most beautiful of the arts. It is a great pleasure not only for the dancer but also for the viewer. From the perspective of the spectators, the dance may look easy and effortless. They are not aware of what kind of work and sacrifices it is to dance like that and be on the top.  I remember the time when in Poland was very popular “So you think you can dance.” When I was watching it with my mum, she often said “It’s easy”, “I would be able to dance like that”. I always told her “Mum, trust me…that’s not easy. Dance is hard work.”  

Dance is not only fun and enjoyment. This is primarily physical activity combined with many hours of training, workshops, sweat and tears. Dancers have to strengthen their body and condition all the time to be able to dance and do difficult movements. They need strength, and this strength comes from the hard work and self-sacrifice. Dance definitely requires intense dedication, focus, and perseverance. Professional dancers have training every day for many hours, during the day but also during the night to prepare for the performance or competition. Their determination and power are just unbelievable. I am always impressed by their hard work, self-development, and willingness to get better.

Next, to the physical activity and bodywork, learning and studying are also one of the parts of the dance. Yes…studying! They – dancers need to and most importantly want to deepen their education all the time. They devote their time not only to physical activity but they also they spend the time to read books, articles about dance and get inspiration and knowledge from others.

I would say, that dancers dedicate their lives to dance. Of course, not every day is a color. Every dancer in his life has a breakdown, doubts about what he does and just no more power.

From my own experience, I can say that sometimes I just said enough to myself. My body couldn’t make it anymore. I was tired mentally and physically. I was closed to just give up. But there is something beautiful about dance. After some time, I just got again this power and determination to dance as best as I can.

Dance is hard work. There is no doubt about it.

But this hard work gives enormous satisfaction and happiness, that is hard to describe.


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