Injures are our best teachers

I had just one question in my mind. Will I ever dance again?

Most of my blog posts are about the good sides of dance and the satisfaction and joy that it gives. However, if the dancer is long enough in the dance world, he knows that sometimes comes a worse time. The time of sadness and tears. Unfortunately, dance can put a lot of stress on the body, which leads to potential injuries. Mostly in the spine, knees, ankles, and feet. Here the grief comes…

As luck would have it, I was struggling with injuries too. Knees are my weakness, and hip hop requires movements that aren’t natural for the body and knees. When in 2014 a serious injury of my knee occurred, my life stopped. My thinking was different than a normal person. Instead of wondering, what will happen now, if I need to go to the hospital if the surgery will be needed. I had just one question in my mind. Will I ever dance again? This question gave me the creeps. I didn’t think if I would walk ever again. Dancing was more important for me. There was no sense of life for me anymore. If I can’t dance, then what I can do? There were so many emotions inside me. Bad emotions. I felt fear, madness, sadness, frustration, and desperation. I started hating dance because I thought I can’t do it anymore. I have to admit that I gave up, but fortunately just for a while. I’m a fighter and I knew that nothing is impossible for those who believe. My passion and love for dance won and pulled me through the injury. After a long rehabilitation, I came back to dance. Stronger, than I was before, happier and with a greater power.

I believe that every injury makes dancer smarter and stronger. The same was with me. I realized how to treat my body and work on it to not allow the injury win again. I also realized how important is a dance for me, and that I can’t live without it. As a result, I became stronger and more aware of my body and dance. I understood, that having a passion is a blessing.

“ Injury taught me I need to learn how to face challenges.”


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